Pen Blanks

Indian Rosewood 
Pen Blanks
Pen blanks are frequently made from off-cuts of wood that would otherwise be discarded. In this way, more wood is used to make objects of beauty instead of wasted or burned. Pen blanks are usually sized somewhere between 3/4 and 1 inch square by about 5 inches long. 


Pen Blanks Available in Various Dimensions


Traditionally, the widely used material to make pens has been wood since it is extremely versatile and makes a highly durable pen barrel.  Wood also carries that classic look and makes the "green" statement as it is a sustainable resource, besides the warmth it carries while a person handles it.


East Indian Rosewood has been used for decades in making musical instruments and surely it turns well and makes a spectacular pen.


We can supply custom made pen blanks to suit customer needs.